Vermont CastingWood, Gas and Pellet Stoves

Vermont Castings
Hechler’s in Troy Missouri is proud to be a premier dealer for the Vermont Castings line of wood and gas stoves and fireplaces. You will see a large selection of Vermont Castings in our showroom. Vermont Castings stoves are American made and Vermont Castings™. is the only North American manufacturer with both the foundry and enameling under one roof assuring that manufacturing is carefully coordinated for utmost quality. Click the logo to visit the factory web site for more details on Vermont Castings, Dutchwest stoves. We also stock parts for Vermont Castings Stoves and some are available in our online store on this website.


Blaze King
Blaze_King_Stacked_Full_ColorHechler’s is very excited about the Blaze King line of Wood Burning Stoves and Fireplace inserts. Blaze King’s newest stove is the Ashford, a beautiful cast iron stove. Blaze King stoves are known for their large capacity and exceptionally long burn times. Burn times can range as long as 20 to 40 hours in some test cases. The stoves come with blowers, automatic air control thermostats, catalytic combustors and ash handling systems. Hechler’s Mainstreet Hearth & Home stocks the Blaze King models, King Ultra, Princess Ultra, Chinook, Sirocco and Ashford stoves and the Princess fireplace insert. Hechler’s is also your source for Blaze King stove parts.

Blaze King is well known in Missouri, there was once a manufacturing plant in Centralia, Missouri but now manufacturing takes place in the state of Washington. Blaze King Industries was founded in 1977. Favored by homeowners worldwide for the large firebox, excellent heat production and long burn times. While there are many good wood stoves on the market today, there is only one Blaze King with the honor of being named as having 5 of the top 8 most efficient stoves in the world! With a comprehensive line of wood stoves and inserts and an ever expanding line of superior built and backed gas appliances, Blaze King will continue to be regarded as the premier hearth products manufacturer.


HearthstoneHechler’s Mainstreet Hearth & Home in Troy, Missouri carries a good selection of the soapstone Hearthstone Stoves. There’s something about a room that’s perfectly finished, and with a Hearthstone, it inspires comfort, security and the truest sense of home and hospitality. And there’s something about a Hearthstone stove that helps to finish a home in just that way. Something that draws out that long, lazy, heavy-eyed grin as you sink a little deeper into the sofa cushions. Warm. Relaxed. Its warm glow is the perfect finish to a brisk walk… a good meal… a long day.


Enerzone Wood Burning Stoves
EnerzoneHechler’s Mainstreet Hearth & Home in Troy Missouri recommends our line of Enerzone Wood Burning Stoves. Rugged, built to last and at a great price, Enerzone stoves have the Best In Class warranty including lifetime warranty on their welds, secondary air tubes, glass and plating.


Buck Stove
Buck-StoveOur Buck Stove store and showroom in Troy Missouri carries a nice selection of the famous Buck Stove Fireplace Inserts and Stoves. Buck Stoves is a great choice for a legacy of unmatched American quality is not something that has been passed down over time, it has been earned. Buck Stove makes a great fireplace insert to fit prefab fireplaces, the model 18. There is nothing on the market quite like it for fitting many of the 36” & 42” prefab fireplaces in the St. Charles, St. Peters, O’Fallon and Wentzville areas of St. Charles county in Missouri.


Jotul Stoves
JotulHechler’s Mainstreet Hearth & Home in Troy Missouri is a dealer for Jotul stoves. Jotul, a Norwegian company has been manufacturing Cast Iron Stoves and Fireplaces since1853. Jotul offers a complete range of both traditional and contemporary designs in wood and gas stoves, inserts and fireplaces. Jotul stoves are based on traditions in Norwegian craftsmanship, high quality and consistent use of good design. Contact Hechler’s Hearth & Home for Jotul Stoves.


Harman Stove Company
Harman Stove CompanyHechler’s Hardware and Hechler’s Mainstreet Hearth & Home are proud to carry the Harman premium line of quality pellet heating appliances have been manufactured in America for over 24 years. Every day, Harman earns and retains the reputation for being the best in cutting edge technology, superlative quality, efficiency, and unmatched “Harman tough” trouble free performance.


Regency Fire
Regency FireHechler’s Mainstreet Hearth & Home in Troy Missouri is a dealer for Regency. See the Regency I1200 fireplace insert, the perfect fit for many of the Factory Built Fireplaces commonly found in the St. Louis and surrounding area. Regency products are proudly made locally in North America and use only the finest materials in their manufacturing facilities. Regency takes pride in building a reliable, quality product. Their state of the art facility spans over 240,000 square feet and is constantly being upgraded with the latest tools of the trade. Their commitment to quality is practiced at every step of the process, including a final inspection before anything is approved for shipment.


Iron Strike
Iron StrikeHechler’s carry’s the Iron Strike line of wood burning stoves and fireplace inserts formerly sold under the Lennox Brand. Iron Strike steel stoves and inserts have top of the line heavy duty construction and very are clean burning.


Fire Chief
Firechief Wood FurnaceHechler’s carry’s the Iron Strike line of wood burning stoves and fireplace inserts formerly sold under the Lennox Brand. Iron Strike steel stoves and inserts have top of the line heavy duty construction and very are clean burning.


Wood, & Gas Fireplaces – Gas Logs

Kozy Heat
Kozy HeatLooking for a direct vent gas fireplace? Hechler’s, servicing Missouri, recommends you look at Kozy Heat. It is a privately-held, family-owned business. Their customers, suppliers and employees like to work with them because of their small town work ethics and sincere friendly attitude. They continue to uphold their fireplace’s reputation of quality and value. Hechler’s Mainstreet Hearth & Home display Kozy Heat direct vent fireplaces like the Minnetonka, Princeton, Thief River Falls and the Two Harbors. We also show direct vent fireplace inserts like the Chaska and the new Jordon.


Ambiance Fireplaces
AmbianceAmbiance Fireplaces came up with a new technology that created the tallest, most luxurious flame ever in ANY direct vent sealed fireplace. Instead of going about designing the rest of the fireplace the normal way, by putting some engineers together with a designer or two and letting them pow-wow, they wanted to really zero in on what consumers were wanting in an upper end fireplace. The result is fireplaces designed by some of the leading hearth retailers in the industry.


Stellar Gas Fireplaces
Stellar HearthPushing boundaries in the fireplace world, design is only limited by your imagination. See a fresh innovative perspective on gas fireplaces. Steller fireplaces are designed with more thought of how a fireplace fits into your home, from any angle. These fireplaces are available as a stock or as a custom designed. A Steller fireplace is a real focal point in your home, restaurant, hotel or commercial building creating a unique experience. See Steller Fireplaces at Hechler’s Mainstreet Hearth & Home in Troy, Missouri.


Valcourt Fireplaces
Valcourt FireplacesSee Hechler’s for Valcourt High Efficiency Wood Burning Fireplaces. Valcourt has a broad line of conventional and clean burning decorative fireplaces, EPA approved high efficiency fireplaces and mass fireplaces with many innovative features.


Astria FireplacesHechler’s carry’s the Astria EPA hi-efficiency wood burning fireplaces, formerly sold under the Lennox brand, now . Visit our showroom serving the St. Louis Missouri area.


QuadrafireHechlers is a dealer for Quadrafire Hi-efficiency fireplaces, wood and pellet stoves and fireplace inserts.


Empire Comfort Systems
Hechler’s Mainstreet Hearth & Home in Troy, Missouri carry Empire vent free gas logs, fireplaces and heating stoves. New is the Loft Series Contemporary gas burners that can be finished with stainless steel or crushed glass for a modern look. Empire Comfort System products are manufactured nearby in Belleville, Illinois.


Naploeon Quality FireplaceSee Hechler’s Mainstreet Hearth & Home for Napoleon stoves and fireplaces.



Majestic Fire
Majestic built the original factory-built fireplace back in the 1950s and has been a sales and innovation leader ever since. Sold primarily to new home builders and remodelers, Majestic Fireplaces are available at Hechler’s Main Street Hearth & Home.



Kingsman & Marquis
Marquis Collection by KingsmanKingsman craftsmanship and design have enabled our North America network of dealers and distributors to kindle a warm response in their customers.


Move beyond traditional gas logs. Move beyond glass fires. Firegear introduces a true statement of style for your hearth. etro serves our need for beauty and as a gathering point for your home.etro brings together beautiful dancing flames on a bed of Liquid Glass, a firegear exclusive. Liquid Glass appears to be melting before your very eyes. The finish on the pedestal is a perfect compliment to the dancing flames. etro designed for use in single and multi-sided vented fireplace applications.


Rasmussen Vented Gas Logs
Hechler’s offer Rasmussen Vented Gas Logs. Rasmussen logs are available in sizes up to 60” wide and many log styles. Rasmussen logs make a great choice for use in fully functioning fireplaces in which it is safe to burn wood. A wide variety of styles, such as bark, split, driftwood, and birch, and many burner types to achieve different appearances. Convenient lighting controls including remote controls. Solutions for large and unusual fireplaces, including Rumford Fireplaces.


Hargrove Vented Gas Logs
Hechler’s offer the Hargrove Radiant Heat Series Rustic Timbers vented logs. See them burning in the showroom.


Chimney & Venting


Electric Fireplaces

Amantii Electric Fireplaces
Amanti Electric Fireplaces
See the Amantii Electric Fireplaces, new modern designs where fire becomes art. See the new Fire & Ice series.


DimplexHechler’s has one of the largest showrooms of electric fireplaces, electric inserts electric free standing stoves and electric fireplace media centers in the St. Louis area. We currently have over 25 Dimplex units on display including build in units that can be hooked up to 220 volt. Dimplex is the leader in electric fireplace technology.


Outdoor Great Rooms
Outdoor Great RoomHechler’s is a dealer for Outdoor Great Rooms fire pits and electric fireplace inserts.



Fireplace Doors

Stoll Fireplace Doors
We are excited about the offerings of fireplace doors from Stoll and show over 12 designs in our showroom in Troy, Missouri. Stoll’s new magnetic doors are a perfect and easy update for that ugly prefab fireplace. See our Before and After page for an example. For over 30 years the Stoll Fireplace Doors metal smiths have been building some of the industry’s finest and most elegant fireplace enclosures. With an enormous variety of colors, styles, and options, each fireplace is custom designed to meet your specific needs and style.



Pearl Mantels, Inc.
logo_pearlmantelsHechler’s display over 25 Pearl Mantels in their showroom and have many for immediate cash and carry sale. For many years, mantels and surrounds have been treated as trim or molding. Pearl Mantels returns the mantel to its original status -as a beautiful piece of furniture that is the focal point of the entire home. You will appreciate the quality of their finished mantles.


Log Style Mantels
logo_logstylemantelsCheck out this site to see hundreds of Rustic Style mantel shelves. Log Style Mantels has a large inventory and you can see each mantel individually. Here you will find carved, drawknife and bark face country style mantels. If you find one you like, call us with the mantel inventory number and we will order it for you. This is one of the few sites that have pricing on the mantels.

Premier Mantles, Inc.
logo_premiermantlesHechler’s offer Premier Mantles, Inc. as a great company for custom made mantles. With their many designs they are a natural choice for the custom home. Premier is recognized as the leader in design and manufacturing of high quality fireplace mantles. Their philosophy is simple…build the best mantle available, using the best materials, at the absolute best price and top it off with customer service second to none.


Other Hearth Products

American Panel Hearth Boards
logo_americanpanelHechler’s stocks a variety of quality Hearth Stove Boards by American Panel.



logo_uniflameLook here to see the many choices of tools sets and fire screens. Hechler’s can special order most anything you find. Call us to get pricing. Since 1990, UniFlame Corporation has proven itself an industry leader in fireplace accessories. UniFlame built its success on providing a variety of superior, innovative products – at the best possible prices – that meet customers’ needs, and then supporting those products with outstanding sales and service.

Dagan Industries
logo_dagan02Look here to see the many choices of tools sets and fire screens. Hechler’s can special order most anything you find. Call us to get pricing Dagan Industries Inc., has been providing the finest in fireplace accessories for over 20 years.


Rutland Products
logo_rutlandRutland Stove and Maintenance Products.


norstone_logoStacked Stone Veneer Wall Cladding. Streamline the installation of any natural stacked stone wall or project using our innovative stone panel system. Bring your project to a whole new level!



Big Green Egg
logo_biggreenegg02Check out the Official Big Green Egg website. Here you will find all the details about the Big Green Egg and the available accessories. Also check out the Big Green Egg Forums where you can get great tips on grilling. The Egg is the rebirth of the ancient oriental Kamado cooker. The idea is 3000 years old but The Big Green Egg is NOW! The perfect smoker AND grill AND barbecue. Meats, fish, veggies, pizza—all done to perfection. See them year round in our showroom.


Primo Grills
Hechler’s is your dealer for the Primo Ceramic Charcoal Grill. Made in USA


Traegar Grills
logo_traegerSee Traeger Pellet Grills at Hechler’s Mainstreet Hearth & Home in Troy, Mo. Quite new to the grill industry is the advent of the Pellet BBQ Grill. The idea was born out of the pellet stove technology and adapted to a BBQ grill. Easy to use with automatic starting, and using real wood fuel in pellet form made from hickory, apple, mesquite, oak and other woods real wood flavor and smoking is achieved. Stop by and see pellet grills today. Hechler’s selling pellet grills to the St. Louis Missouri area, St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren and Montgomery counties and the Columbia Missouri area.

Holland Grills

logo_holland_grillThe Holland grill is SIMPLE to use, gives you DELICIOUS results and is consistent and RELIABLE–you can count on it. Great food, no flare-ups. See Holland Grills today at Hechler’s.


Napoleon Grills

Napoleon Gas Grills are a work of functional art. They have everything you need to have an entire outdoor kitchen experience in one grilling unit.


Memphis Wood Fired Grills
The Memphis Wood Fire Grills are a high-end line of pellet smoker/grill combos takes backyard cooking up a notch and may be as close as you can get to a true all in one gourmet solution.


Weber Grills
We stock Weber Gas and the famous Weber Kettle charcoal BBQ grills including the Performer, the charcoal grill with the gas assisted lighting.


Louisiana Pellet Grills
louisiana-grill-logoHechler’s shows select models of the Louisiana Pellet Grills



John Henry’s Seasonings
logo_john_henryHechler’s urges you to stop in and try some John Henry’s Spices and Rubs. They are our most popular spice line. See us for Rubs, Sauces, Smoking Woods and BBQ Accessories.