Hearthstone Equinox

Our largest soapstone stove, the Equinox possesses the strength to heat your entire home. Pack the generous firebox and enjoy an unmatched, long-lasting HeatLife – true of only a Hearthstone.   Hearthstone is a unique stove company that feature cast iron stoves that have heavy 1 ¼” thick slabs of natural soapstone that function as the walls and tops of the stove. Soapstone holds heat even longer than cast iron and creates a very beautiful stove. Hearthstone stoves can be ordered in enamel colors including the new sea foam majolica. New this season is the new Equinox. This powerhouse of a stove is made to heat the largest of spaces. It is produces up to 120,000 btu’s, heats up to 3500 Sq. Ft. and its 4.0 cubic foot firebox will hold a 25″ log. 4.0 cubic foot firebox Large firebox accepts 25” logs through the front door, or through the easy-loading side door. Front and side doors provide maximum loading ease, and increased fuel efficiency. Single air-intake lever/stove control Stove operation is easy; performance more consistent. Open and close ash grate and removable ash drawer Easy, clean ash removal; pan can be removed while fire is burning. Unmatched fire viewing Air entering the firebox through the stove’s secondary air tubes ignites the gases rising off the burning wood. The resulting light and flames provide dazzling fire viewing, even when the fire is burning at a low rate. Non-catalytic combustion system Clean burning, complete combustion provides more heat from less wood, greater efficiency, reduced smoke and creosote build-up. Reversible flue collar Flexible installation; stove can be installed as a freestanding unit, or as a hearth stove. 8” Flue (required) Provides the required draft for the most efficient performance of this large capacity stove. Outside air adapter (optional) Improved efficiency in today’s newer, “airtight” homes; reduces cold drafts along the floor. Rear heat shield (optional) Allows more placement options; stove can be installed closer to a wall because clearance requirements are reduced; creates a convection passageway between shield and back of stove to allow optional fan to circulate air through the house more effectively. Fan with built-in thermostat and rheostat (optional) Helps spread heat evenly throughout home; fan only operates when stove is at a significant heat level. The rheostat controls fan speed. Use of rear heat shield is required. Fan moves air up to 200 CFM. Screen (optional) Allows for open door fire viewing. Available with Right or Left side door Allows flexibility during installation. Accomodates hearth configuratons with restricted access on one side. Side door lock kit (optional) Use optional lock kit to reduce side hearth clearance from 16” to 3 1/8”.


Right or left side load door:

flexible installation

Oven-style side load door:

helps keep ashes in firebox

Top or rear flue exit:

flexible installation

Single lever stove control:

easy operation, consistent performance

Non-catalytic combustion system:

clean burning, efficient, reduces creosote build-up

Removable ash tray:

easy to clean, easily accessible


Heats up to 3,500 sq. ft.
Burn Time Up to 12 hours
Heat Life Up to 16 hours
Size 120,000 BTUs
EPA Rating 3.1 grams per hour
Efficiency 82% (Low Heating Value)
Width 33 5/8″
Height (includes flue collar) 30 5/8 “
Depth 27″
Maximum Log Length 25″
Firebox Capacity 4.0 cubic feet
Flue Diameter 8″
Flue Exit Top or Rear
Flue Exit & Diameter Top or rear exit 8″ flue collar
Ash Pan Included
Optional Blower Kit Yes
Actual Weight (lbs.) 105 LBS. 689
Alcove Certified Yes
Mobile Home Certified Yes

Clearances (With single wall pipe & no rear heat shield)

Side 21″
Rear 21″
Corner 15″

Clearances (With double-wall pipe & rear heat shield)

Side 19″
Rear 6″
Corner 13 1/2 “

Hearth Pad

Minimum Size (US) 48″ W x 41 1/2 ” D
Minimum Size (Canada) 56″ W x48 ” D
Minimum R-value 1.0