SIT Proflame 2 Remote Control Transmitter split valve 0.584.040


Remote control transmitter for SIT Proflame 2. Used on many direct vent gas fireplaces and stoves. You can program this remote to your existing fireplace or stove. Make sure you know if your system is a Proflame 2 or Proflame 1, they are different remotes.

Look at the number on the back side of the remote for your remote part number if it is legible. The label is susceptible to wear, so you may need to hold it to a strong light and tip it back and forth and you may be able to read the faint markings of the model number.

This remote is used for split flow burners, in other words, some fireplaces use a remote has a function that will shut off one of the burners, allowing only one burner to operate.

This remote control has 4 icons across the bottom, they control:  flame, blower, light, and a 4th icon that looks like a double flame. The fourth icon turns part of the burner on and off

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SIT part number 0.584.04

Empire part number is R11550


This remote will possibly also sub for the below models of fireplaces, but check the label on the back of the remote.

Ambiance Fireplaces: 308-6014 / INT-408

Archgard: 308-6014

Avalon (Travis Industries): 250-02711

Fireplace Xtrordinair (Travis Industries): 250-02711

Hearthstone: 7000-395

Lopi (Travis Industries): 250-02711

Mendota: 05-02-00382

RH Peterson / Real Fyre: D1-30-709

10% restock on returns

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