SIT Proflame 2 Remote Control Transmitter 0.584.042


Remote control transmitter for SIT Proflame 2. Used on many direct vent gas fireplaces and stoves. You can program this remote to your existing fireplace or stove. Make sure you know if your system is a Proflame 2 or Proflame 1, they are different remotes.

SIT part number 0.584.042

Empire part number R11522

The remote has 3 functions across the bottom, they are for flame, blower, light.  This one does NOT have the split flame, rear burner or front burner shutoff function.

There is another remote with 4 functions, look carefully at your remote.

Features On/Off, Thermostatic Mode, and “Smart Mode” which gradually reduces flame before shutting town thermostatically. Also you can change the pilot from IPI (intermittent pilot) to CPI which is continuous pilot


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