Z3005C Themostat control for Blaze King Princess Wood Stove


Themostat assembly model Z3005C for all current Blaze King Princess Model 1006 including Ultra, Classic & Parlor. Read all information below before ordering.

Note: There are other models of themostats for the Blaze King stoves that we do not stock. They can be ordered. They are listed below.

Model Z3003B fits King Classic 1102 series  – Discontinued model-looks similar to current model but with sliding bypass instead of the swing lever

Model Z3007 fits King Classic 1107 series replaced with part Z3007U

Model Z3007U fits King Ultra’s 1107 series  – This is a current model Ultra, Classic & Parlor

Thermostat is not returnable

Model Z3005B fits older model  Princess Classic 1003 series  These stove have a sliding bypass rather than the current swing lever.

Older stoves that had two handle doors-thermostats no longer available

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