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Decorative Fireplaces

 If the ambience and aroma of a real wood-burning fireplace, the crack and snap of logs, and the pleasure derived from stirring the embers and seeing them flare to life in response is your preference, wood burning fireplace, such as our Astria line  would be your natural choice.

Decorative fireplaces are generally know  for fun, recreational burning and not for heating your home. Even with a blower, these fireplaces are not considered heaters although a significant amount of radiant heat is generated.  At Hechler's we recommend you carefully study your choice of fireplace when building or remodeling and consider if upgrading your fireplace choice to an EPA certified fireplace if heating the home is desired.

Product Image Item Name-
Astria Craftsman Fireplace

Astria Craftsman Fireplace

The Craftsman fireplace sets a new standard for wood burning beauty, performance and convenience. The bedrock of the Astria wood burning family, the...

Astria Georgian Fireplace

Astria Georgian Fireplace

“Impressive” is perhaps the best description for these massive wood burners. Designed for large living spaces, the Georgian 36”,...

Astria Plantation Fireplace

Astria Plantation Fireplace

The Plantation just might be the perfect manufactured woodburning fireplace. 48” wide and an astounding 42” tall with slant back design....
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