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Wood Stoves

Visit Hechler’s Mainstreet & Home for the best selection of wood burning stoves in Eastern Missouri.  Hechler's have over 30 free standing wood stoves on our showroom floor. Our brands include Vermont Castings, Dutchwest, Iron Strike, Blaze King, Hearthstone, Buck Stoves, Harman, England Stoves and Enerzone. While we may not have every model of every brand, we feel that you will see a broad range of what is available on the market today all in one stop. Below are some brief descriptions and highlights of the brands we sell. As we discuss the following woodstoves, you will notice the terms “catalytic” and ”non-catalytic” we will attempt to explain these terms * at the bottom of this page. Note there are multiple pages of stoves in this section. Pricing is not listed, it is too extensive with all the many options, CALL FOR PRICING.

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