0.584.302 SIT Proflame 1 DFC Control Board 5-02-00352 0.584.602


Proflame 1 DFC Digital Fireplace Burner Control Board might possibly be new part number shipping will be 0.384.602

the new part number ending in 602 has the new energy saving feature called the 7 Day Cut Off, which means, in standing pilot mode, if the fireplace has not been used in 7 days, the pilot will shut off. The fireplace will still operate but if you want to continue in standing pilot mode, you will have to go thru the pricess on the front of your remote to tell it to operate in continuous mode.

this feature will save fuel costs with a possible inconvenience if you want the pilot running all the time.

SIT 0.584.302

Mendota part number 05-02-00352

Hearthstone part number 7211-101

Empire part number R11127 or R12907

Used on many gas fireplaces

All sales final on control boards, non returnable item

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