Quadrafire Programable Thermostat for Pellet Stoves


Programable thermostat for pellet stoves. 5 day/2 day  programmable part number Wall-Stat-P


Thermostat is an OEM part and manufactured for Quadrafire by Honeywell can be used to replace older model Quadrafire 811-0520 programmable thermostat

Works with Castile stove and insert, Santa Fe stove and insert, CB1200 stove and insert, MTV E2  stove and insert.

It is also possible to add this programable thermostat to Harman Pellet stoves using the procedure below:

Adding a programmable set back thermostat for all Harman Pellet Stoves

Thermostat must be:

1) Millivolt compatible

2) Gold Contacts

3) Low Voltage

4) Low current


Note: If there is a jumper between Rh and Rc it must be removed from the thermostat’s terminal block. Use

minimum 2- conductor 24 gauge twisted pair wire to connect the thermostat.

Connect the thermostat in series with the room sensing probe using the Rh and W terminals on the

thermostat. (See Fig. 1) The set back thermostat must be used in conjunction with the room sensing probe

(except the P38).

Thermostat Settings:

Occupied Mode:

In occupied mode program the thermostat to its maximum temperature setting. (i.e. 82 Deg. F) The stove’s

room sensing probe will control the room temperature. Set the stove’s temperature dial to the desired room

temperature. (i.e. 72 Deg. F)

Unoccupied mode:

In unoccupied mode program the thermostat to the desired set back temperature. (i.e. 60 Deg. F) When the

thermostat opens (is satisfied) the stove will go into a 4-blink status. If the stove is an auto ignite stove and

the auto-manual switch is in auto mode the stove will shut down. When the thermostat closes (calls for heat)

the 4-blink status will automatically reset and the stove will ignite.

If the stove is a manual ignite stove or an auto ignite stove with the auto-manual switch in manual mode, the

stove will go into a 4-blink status when the thermostat opens (is satisfied) and the stove will go to a

minimum burn and stay there until the thermostat closes (calls for heat). When the thermostat closes (calls

for heat) the 4-blink status will reset automatically.

Note: A 4-Blink status is described in the owner’s manual. The status light on the stove will blink 4 times,

pause, and blink 4 times continually. This error code is the board recognizing that the room sensing probe is

not connected or has failed. Breaking one leg of the room sensing probe wiring with the thermostat, as we

are doing here, causes the 4-blink status. This error automatically resets when the board recognizes the room

sensing probe has been reconnected.

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