Ambiance Vented Radiant Heat Gas Logs

The Ambiance Gas Logs were specifically crafted by the best team of designers in North America.

Featuring choices for technology, from a match lit system to a full function remote control system, you can adapt the most most beautiful logs there are to the level of convenience you are looking for.

The Ambiance Vented Gas Logs come in two different ways: Radiant and Regular.

Available in 21″ 24″ 30″and 36″

The Cherry Grove X-Treme Heat Radiant Logs are meant to radiate heat back to the room in a great way. If you’re looking for heat, they have no match in the Gas Logs business.

There are three burner types for these logs, the standard E Burner for the regular logs, the H Burner for the Radiant Heat Logs and the System 4 burner specially designed for Propane LP gas

Three valve systems, the factory installed safety pilot standard manual valve, the factory installed latch tap valve with On/Off remote control and the Variable flame valve and remote

Regular Logs will provide some heat, but they are meant to provide a great fire presence without much heat

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