LP Conversion Kit Honeywell RFN Valve to SIT Valve SPF Majestic DV360 DV580 20301079


Propane LP Gas Comfort Control retrofit kit. Converts old discontinued Honeywell RFN electronic valve and pilot assembly to new SIT Valve.  Contains SIT valve, stepper motor, L bracket used on the DV580 only, Piezo ignitor, Ignitor bracket, Knob extension, Pilot assembly, remote transmitter, receiver assembly, batteries, wire harness, hardware

NOTE In doing the conversion, your old system controlled the blower, the new conversion will not. You will need to purchase separately and rewire the blower to come on and off automatedly with a variable speed control, Part Number 26D0746, and a magnetic snap disc thermostat Part Number 4044, to turn it on and off.



Made to fit the following Majestic Fireplaces DV360RF (N,P) DV580RF (N,P) DVRT36RF (N,P) DVB4136RF (N,P)


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