How to identify your Kozy Heat remote control

This is an informational help to identify which remote your Kozy Heat fireplace or insert uses.

First of all consult your owners manual

Here some of the remotes that have and are being used on these fireplaces

One brand is by SIT and look a little like a shoe the other is by American Flame and has a sliding cover to access the features

700-208 is the American Flame remote AF4000HHS02 this is the one with the sliding cover

700-308 is the SIT 0.584.023 and is used on the older Proflame 1 valve systems

700-408 is the SIT 0.584.042 and is used on the newer Proflame 2 valve systems

700-508 is the SIT 0.584.040 and is used on the Proflame 2 system that has the extra feature to turn off part of the burner, this is called the split valve system

Older systems that have what is called a millivolt valve system, which means the valve has a continuous pilot, or standing pilot can use a universal remote control. This remote control has a separate battery box that plugs onto the valve with two wires and is usually housed under the fireplace lower grill. It is a two part control, a battery control box and a separate transmitter.

We stock all these remotes.