Stainless Reface door for 36′ Prefab Fireplace

Contemporary ReFace™ Brushed Stainless Finish Measures 34-1/4″ tall, 39″ wide and attaches to fireplace front with strong magnets. Intantly transform your fireplace without any special installation requirements.

This is a display door, only have one in this size, we change door displays yearly and offer nice savings at the end of the season on select displays

Regular $1598.00

Special $799.00

Stoll ReFace™ Example shown in pictures is the Old World Reface Door- it is not the one for sale in this ad but shows an example of a before and after installation.

A complete renovation with one, easy-to-install step…

Every Stoll ReFace™ is unique; engineered to completely cover your wood or gas manufactured fireplace by custom-sizing the frame and the louvers to fit perfectly. You can design your own unique ReFace from our selection of styles, colors, finishes and options. The result will be a complete make-over that suits your taste and fits your fireplace perfectly.

Our neodymium “rare earth” magnetic mounting system allows the frame to attach firmly, covering the entire face of your fireplace. It's easy to measure and easy to install with no tools required. Best of all, ReFace doors eliminate drafts common with manufactured fireplaces and reduce up to 90% of the heat loss going up the chimney.