Clydesdale fireplace insert installed into a masonry fireplace Before - CopyClydesdale fireplace insert installed into a masonry fireplace After

Here is a Clydesdale fireplace insert installed into a masonry fireplace


Here are a series of photos that could give you some ideas
of what can be done to change an existing fireplace.

A complete renovation with one, easy-to-install step… Every Stoll
ReFace™ is unique; engineered to completely cover your wood
or gas manufactured fireplace by custom-sizing the frame and the
louvers to fit perfectly. You can design your own unique ReFace
from our selection of styles, colors, finishes and options. The
result will be a complete make-over that suits your taste and fits
your fireplace perfectly.

Buck 18 Insert put into prefab fireplace
Boost the efficiency of your old prefab with an insert. (illustration #1)

England Bayfront Pellet Stove Installed on Fireplace Hearth
This stove sits on the extended fireplace hearth and is vented up thru the existing fireplace flue with a liner.
(illustration #2)

Old Vermont Castings Wood Stove replaced with a Jotul Firelight Gas Stove
The direct vent gas stove uses the wood burning flue retrofitted with a flue liner
(illustration #3)

Montecito Estate high efficiency fireplace replaces a plain prefab fireplace
Wow what a change, tearing out a dull out of date decorative fireplace and replacing it with a true heating fireplace. This fireplace can heat over 2000 Sq. Ft.
(illustration #4)

Enerzone Destination 2.3 Fireplace Insert Before and After
This fireplace was originally a brick fireplace that was remodeled with an overlay of drywall and ceramic tile with a new mantel. Here is the fireplace after remodeling and the Enerzone Destination 2.3 Insert was installed.
(illustration #5)

Direct Vent Gas Insert in a factory built fireplace
Here is a before and after photo of a Kozy Heat Chaska direct vent gas insert put into a prefab fireplace
(illustration #6)

Fireplace Makeover with a Direct Vent Gas Insert
This was a Heatilator wood burning fireplace with a gas log, the mantel was painted, the floor of the fireplace was modified for a Kozy Heat direct vent gas insert to be put in the opening. Great job Ashley Umphrey!
(illustration #7)

Kozy Heat Z-42 Hi Efficiency Fireplace in a Chalet in Insbrook Missouri
(illustration #8)

Kozy Heat Z-42 Hi Efficiency Fireplace in a Chalet in Insbrook Missouri

See Thru Arched Fireplace with new Stoll Blacksmith Doors on each side. The doors were manufactured to be inside the opening fit doors. First a template was made of the arched opening and then a frame was manufactured for the doors to bolt to.
(illustration #9)

Arched Fireplace with a Fireplace Insert
Yes, you can put a wood burning insert in an arch fireplace. It think it looks pretty good
(illustration #10)

Tear out a Prefab Fireplace and Replace with a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
This job was all done from the backside without disturbing the brick façade inside. The Kozy Heat gas fireplace was a close fit to the original opening and only some small filler panels were needed.
(illustration #11)

Zero Clearance Fireplace Reface Doors
A complete fireplace renovation in one, easy-to-install step. (illustration #12)


Pictured here is
a direct vent gas fireplace in our showroom. We
have taken a simple inexpensive gas fireplace like
you may have in your own home and upgraded the appearance
reface door that is simple to install with a magnetic
mounting system.


The reface door
show here has a arch window pane design and the
finish is Bronzed Iron. These doors can be custom
made in any size and finish to match your existing
fireplace. Every reface door is unique: specially
made for each fireplace by custom-sizing the frame
and louvers to fit perfectly. The rare earth magnets
allow the frame to attach firmly and easily. Transform
your “black box” into a showpiece!

Buck 18 Fireplace Insert in a 42” prefab fireplace
(illustration #13)

Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig 3.
(Fig. 1) Typical 42” prefab fireplace
with factory glass doors. This fireplace commonly found in the
St. Louis Missouri area is a good candidate for a Buck 18 fireplace
insert from Hechler’s Hearth & Home.
(Fig. 2 & 3) This shows a Buck 18 fireplace
insert put into the same fireplace. The glass doors were removed,
insert put into the opening and connected to a stainless steel
flex liner run up the existing flue all the way to the top.
New trim panels were made for the top and bottom of the fireplace.
(illustration #14)


Typical 36”prefab builder
grade fireplace


Fireplace updated
with a high efficiency Buck Model 18 Fireplace
Insert with nickel plated door. Now this fireplace
can heat up to 1200 sq ft of living space.

Stoll Heat Champion installed in a full masonry fireplace (illustration #15)


Full masonry



Stoll Heat
Champion installed. This “hybrid”
combines a custom glass door and a heat exchanger
with a blower creating a fireplace of beauty
and efficiency. This unit requires no modification
to the fireplace and not liner for the chimney!

(illustration #16)


Here is a typical
1970’s-1980’s inefficient prefab fireplace
with and antique brass door. The customer considered
removing the glass door and putting a modern fireplace
insert into the existing opening.


After weighing the
options, the decision was made to totally remove the
entire fireplace, flue pipe, brick and mantel and
replace it with a new modern design in the same opening.
Shown here is the completed project, with a new Lennox
Montecito high efficiency fireplace, a new Pearl Classique
Mantel and new tile.

(illustration #17)
Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig 3.

(Fig. 1) Old style antique brass fireplace
door on full masonry fireplace


(Fig. 2 ) New Stoll Heat Champion Door with
built in blower and heat exchanger

(Fig. 3) New Stoll Heat Champion with door open showing cooking
grate and swing arm cooking pot

Gas Contemporary Vent Free Fireplace (illustration #18)


Sun room with a hot tub


Hot tub removed, floor
lowered and seating created around a new Empire Vent
Free Loft series gas fireplace

(illustration #19)


Superior BC36 prefab wood burning fireplace with brick surround



Kozy Heat Chaska
direct vent gas insert put into existing wood burning
prefab fireplace opening. This gas conversion allows
greater heating efficiency, the addition of a blower
and convenience of a thermostatic remote control.
Direct Vent technology is a sealed system that does
not allow the heat from the home to escape up the


Regency Hampton H1200 insert in prefab fireplace
(illustration #20)


36” Factory Built fireplace with brick facing and old style antique brass door




Regency Hampton H1200 with cast front installed in fireplace with new stainless liner pipe